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Should I be investing more aggressively?

Should I be investing more aggressively?

March 03, 2022

There's no way to know the answer to that without reviewing your individual circumstances and financial goals. However, if you are investing too conservatively, it can have a profound effect on your long-term financial security.

How you should be investing depends on many factors, such as: 1) How able are you to tolerate risk? 2) How soon do you hope to achieve your financial goals? 3) How much will you need to save for important goals such as retirement? 4) What rate of return would you need to try to reach your goals? and 5) Is income, growth, or safety most important to you? Answers to these questions can help you determine whether it's a good idea for you to invest more aggressively.

Remember that the first step toward having a sound financial plan is becoming more knowledgeable about investing basics and understanding how they apply to you. You don't have to become a financial expert to develop a solid investment plan. Even many highly paid executives are often uncertain when it comes to money questions. Don't hesitate to seek out help from an investment professional.