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Financial Education Classes

Frannie Gardner, CFP®, CFEd®, CDFA

Worksite Education Classes

*The Complete Financial Management Workshop:(3-6 hr)

This course covers in depth the 7 keys to financial success including risk management, cash management, investment concepts, tax management, retirement planning, and estate planning.

*Passport to Retirement:(3-6 hr)

Covers the roadblocks to a successful retirement, how to define and create your own retirement, how to assess the costs associated with retirement, evaluating your sources of income, investing for the future, protecting your health and wisdom, how to receive funds from your retirement plans, and managing your estate distributions.

Taking Control: (1-6 hr)

A financial management workshop for women. This course addresses the needs of single women, single mothers, divorcees, and widows.

Savvy Social Security: (1 hr)

While it may not be enough to live on in retirement, Social Security is not to be dismissed.  Learn how to maximize your Social Security retirement income, including special cases for divorce and widowhood.  Early retirement, late retirement, inflation, taxation of benefits, outside pensions we will help you make sense of it all.

Focus on Financial Management: (1 hr)

A brief overview of the 6 steps to financial success which are Protect What You Have, Take Control of Your Cash Flow, Invest Wisely, Manage Your Taxes, Save for Retirement, and Leave a Legacy.

Cash Management: (1 hr)

Basic principles in helping people budget their money. Topics covered include Assess Your Current Situation, Build a Liquidity Fund, Put Down Your Credit Cards, Mortgage Refinancing, and 4 ways to Increase Your Savings.

*Retirement Investment Strategies: (1 hr)

Retirement Investment Strategies addresses the important investment concerns shared by today's retirees.  This course helps participants identify their needs and evaluate solutions.  Participants will also learn how to determine their risk tolerance, benefit from the tax rules specific to their age group, and much more.

*Income for Life: (1 hr)

Income for Life helps educate participants about the annuity as a creative retirement and accumulation vehicle.  This superb course provides clear, concise explanations of deferred and immediate annuities, fixed and variable returns, subaccounts, and the benefits of tax-deferred compounding.

Myths, Facts, and Half-Truths (The New Retirement): (1 hr)

Covers market timing, annuities, IRA's and tax deferral, risk and reward, doing it yourself.

Is Your Money Ready (The New Retirement): (1 hr)

Covers how market losses affected retirement accounts and projected recovery times, disappearing pension plans and underfunded pension plans, uncertain future of social security, cost of health care and how much can you expect to spend, long-term care cost, taxes and inflation.

5 Things to Do Today For Retirement: (1 hr)

The 5 things to do are being honest with yourself, know where your money is, set realistic expectations, prepare for the worst, and establish a life plan. Each step will be covered thoroughly.

*Investment Fundamentals: (1 hr)

Covers investment philosophies, rules for successful investing, investment options, and tracking the overall direction of the market.

Estate Conservation: (1 hr)

Estate Conservation helps educate participants about the need for careful action when it comes to managing an estate.  This course illustrates the problems, delays, and expenses that often accompany intestacy and probate.  Participants will learn the importance and use of wills as well as how trusts can be used as a vehicle to help overcome the challenges of estate distribution.

Tax Management:(1 hr)

How taxes work (federal income tax brackets, phase-out of benefits for high-income taxpayers, alternative minimum tax, and taxes on capital gains and dividends), tax-favored investments, tax saving opportunities, and handling an audit.

College Funding:(1 hr)

Covers techniques and products used to plan for higher education.

All seminar content is written and prepared by Emerald Publications. 

*All investment advisory and securities-related seminars are provided by HTK investment advisory representatives and/or HTK registered representatives.  HTK does not offer tax or legal advice.



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